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  DetoxSteps™ Prescription Drug & Opioid Detox


The Johnson Health DetoxSteps™ program is the premium outpatient (office-based) treatment for addiction to prescription painkillers and opioids. The DetoxSteps™ program reduces the anxiety, sleeplessness, and debilitating aches normally associated with opioid detox and make the transition from dependence more comfortable, promoting a complete and successful detoxification.


Freedom from Addiction....

 ...Without Losing Freedom from Daily Life


DetoxSteps™ doesn't require the hassle, inconvenience, or financial and time commitments of checking into a treatment facility for weeks at a time - instead, with convenient office-based appointments, safely and effectively achieve freedom from opioid addiction without interrupting your life


Prescription drug addiction is becoming a growing problem throughout the US. A National Government Study showed that 4.7 million people abused prescription pain relievers in 2003 and the number is projected to be even higher today.


Misuse of Pain Relievers Increased Dramatically From 1970 to 20011 


Source: The National Survey on Drug Use and Health



Our DetoxSteps™ program provides outpatient treatment for addictions to the following prescription drugs and substances.




DetoxSteps™ Treats Addictions to:


Prescription Pain Medications

Vicodin®, Lortab® (hydrocodone)

Percocet® (oxycodone with acetaminophen)

OxyContin® (odycodone)

Darvon® (propoxyphene)

Demerol® (meperidine)

Dilaudid® (hydromorphone)

MS Contin®, OraMorph® (Morphine)

Talwin® (pentazocine)

Sublimaze®, Duragesic® (fentany)

Dolophine® (Methadone)

Opana®, Numorphan® (oxymorphone)


Cough Syrups with Codeine

Codeine - found in Many Cough Syrups & Tylenol® w/Codeine (Tylenol® #2, #3, #4)


Illict Drugs






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